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Oball Aqua/Blue Sailboat Large
Height: 16.50″ Length: 10.50″
Made in IT
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Oball Aqua/Blue Sailboat Large

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Murano Island, Venice is the melting pot of various glass art techniques developed by the traditional glass maestros. The artisans of Murano Island produced such high quality glass articles that the Murano glass became synonymous to perfection and skill. The techniques and methods used by the present generation of glass artists in Murano are extremely diverse and intriguing. They have this art handed down to them by their most illustrious ancestors for whom glass blowing and shaping was no less than a religion. The artisans identified themselves so completely with nature and their surroundings that they could replicate any object, living or nonliving under the sun with the most imaginative flavor. The Murano glass boat sculptures are wonderful creations that can bring a feeling of sea breeze and the sound of breakers into your living and office spaces.

This Murano glass sail boat reflects the delightful deep sea with its mysterious shades of blue. The Venetian glass sculpture will be a reckonable presence in your room with a stunning height of 16.5” and a hull length of 10.5”. The lovely blue sail mounted on a brilliant crystalline hull will provide a conspicuous spectacle on your table increasing the élan of the whole room. This Murano glass structure is an eye candy and will be the delight of any sea lover. This makes it an exquisite gift article.

This is a genuine Murano glass article and its authenticity is ensured through the certificates of authenticity that comes with them. Besides, each of these Venetian glass articles bears the seal of its maker engraved on it.

Made in Murano Island.  Has Certificate of Authenticity.

24 Dec 2014 - 04:44


24 Nov 2014 - 11:36

Excellent service! Thank you!

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