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Congratulations! Grads!

Graduations are always the highlights of young lives. The sense of achievement a young person feels deserves to be applauded and supported by his or her elders and parents.

Sending a suitable gift with congratulations and wishes will go a long way in encouraging the young person along his/her life’s path. While choosing a present for a fresh graduate you have to take many aspects into consideration.

When the said graduate is a young woman or a girl, ornaments and perfumes are the most common choices. A Murano glass bead necklace will be much appreciated by any young lady. The individually crafted glass beads lend the necklace an ethereal beauty. Gifting the young lady with a bottle of her favorite perfume also will be much appreciated. If the perfume is bottled in one of those magnificent Murano glass bottles, the effect will be doubled.  

The most relevant gift on the occasion will be a Limoges porcelain box that features books and a graduation cap. The Limoges artists have created a few Limoges boxes that are meant for a new graduate. These are small boxes in which he/she can keep some useful things on the study table.

Offering a bouquet of exotic orchids or roses is very meaningful wherever congratulation is due. If the bouquet can be permanent, it is all the better. A bouquet of artificial flowers which can be placed on the study table of the student will gladden his/her heart. It will be a constant reminder of the appreciation received on the graduation day.

Something that represents his/her favorite profession will be an apt gift for a new graduate. This will inspire a person in his/her chosen profession or ambition. The Limoges boxes that feature the elements of the profession are extremely suitable gift for a young graduate.

You can choose a present that aligns with his or her interest or hobbies. If he/she is interested in wild life, you can select something that represents a still life from the wild. Murano glass animals and birds will suit the ticket well.

The Limoges boxes are gift items which depict magnificent wild life scenes. You can select one of these for an animal and nature lover.

If you want your gift to be somewhat symbolic, choosing a gift that symbolizes dynamism, drive and enthusiasm is a splendid idea. The Murano glass horse, sculptured in clear glass with golden striations that look like golden muscles, is the very embodiment of dynamism and drive. The horse rearing to race forward is a perfect image of unleashed energy.

A butterfly is also a symbol of beauty and exploration. A young graduate who is poised to explore new horizons can be compared to a butterfly. The Limoges box that is shaped like a butterfly is a good choice.


by Marina Chernyak



Marina Chernyak
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