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Win the Heart of Your Winsome Lady with Wonderful Gifts

Gifts are more vociferous than words. That is why it is very important to know exactly what to gift the people who count the most in your life. Getting a gift from your sweet lady is as pleasurable as giving her one. But the opening of the package should give pleasure to the recipient. Imagine your beautiful lady opening her present to find something uninteresting! That will be the end of the world.But browsing through the on line gift shop of will give you innumerable gift ideas that will suit the very special interests of your sweet heart. Our collection comprises articles that are suitable for people of all ages.


Obviously, jewelry is the first choice as a gift to a lady. Our Murano jewelry collection has ample choice in it. We have a wide variety of necklaces that will go with any kind of dresses. Our cache includes necklaces and other pieces of jewelry of a variety of styles and colors. It will surely make your sweet heart stand out in a crowd and she will love you more for it.

Perfume bottles

Perfume is something that carries the fragrance of your love. Presenting her with her favorite perfume impresses a lady above anything because perfumes bring romance and soft feelings to the mind. But when you fill the relevant perfume in one of our fabulous Murano glass bottles, it becomes all the more impressive and the lady would treasure the bottle and your love dearly.


Murano artists have created a series of romantic sculptures in calcedonia glass. Our Murano glass figurines also include all sorts of beautiful birds and animals which are extremely endearing. The poses of the human figures are extremely romantic and sure to express your feelings for her. Choose from our magnificent collection of calcedonia figurines and other Murano glass sculptures to impress your lady love.


Murano glass vases are spectacular pieces that will be admired greatly. You are sure to present her with bouquets of her favorite flowers each time you meet her. Why not present her with one of our picturesque vases, so that she can keep her flowers with style?


The delicately crafted goblets are always appreciated. Our collection of assorted sculpture glasses are made to perfection. They have all sorts of themes. They include animals and birds themes besides lady’s footwear figures. Choose a pair that is in keeping with her interests and she will appreciate them.

Murrine figurines


Murano glass art is famous for its murrine figurines. The spectacular figurines which are made using 24 carat gold dust and flakes are admired all over the world. Gifting your better half with one of those will show her how much you value her love.


Limoges boxes

Limoges trinket boxes are much cherished items for a lady. She is sure to have an assortment of keep sakes and trinkets which are gifts from you. She would like to keep them safe in an equally romantic box. Our collection of Limoges boxes will give you exactly what you are looking for.

Music boxes

Music boxes are highly romantic items as music is invariably connected with love and romance. She can keep your small gifts in them and open it every time enjoying the beautiful music. So be it birthday, marriage anniversary or other special occasions and festivals, don’t hesitate to browse through our plentiful collection of gifts. You are sure to come by something that will leave an enduring mark in her heart.


by Marina Chernyak


Marina Chernyak
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