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Flowers and Décor Vases for Summer Season

Summer is the season for brightly colored marigolds, chrysanthemums and asters etc. Summer is also a time for entertaining friends and family. So you may be throwing more parties in this season than any other. Parties mean decoration. You cannot risk your house looking less than decorated.

Flowers are indispensable for hall and room decoration. The banquet table, the side tables, tables in the foyers – they all need to be decorated with flowers in beautiful vases. It is essential to select suitable vases for each of these tables. The beauty of the table depends invariably on the choice of the vases and flower arrangements.

There is a vast collection of décor vases with the 1001shops. Each of them is created with great care and artistry. You can select the vases that go with your interior and fill them with the flowers of your choice.

Now arranging fresh flowers in the vase is quite good but the disadvantage is that you will have to take a lot of efforts to keep them fresh. But if you can get artificial flowers that look life-like, it would be a blessing. You can arrange those days ahead and concentrate on other aspects of the party.

Here are some bright ideas for your summer party décor.


The beautiful Murano glass blue vase is a great décor article.

It is big enough to serve as a center piece on your party table or a decoration piece on the side table in your drawing room. A bunch of life-like beige peony in it will create a magical effect. The dark colored vase and light colored peonies will produce a picture perfect look.

The smoky diamond cut Murano glass vase is a real eye catching piece. Its smoky beauty will be the focus of your guests’ attention. A bunch of rose blooms will be the most suitable addition to it. Together, they will brighten any drab corner of your room.

The Murano murrine vase is a unique décor piece. The vase with bright colors interspersed with gold flakes is a real eye-candy. If you decide to fill it with a bunch of primroses nested in an abundance of dark green leaves, it will be a pleasant sight on your drawing room table or the party table.

The red tall satin Murano glass vase can be a real attraction in your room. Its shape will complement any kind of interiors. Since it is of a beautiful satin finish, it gives out a soft glow. A stick of white imperia flowers will be a fabulous contrast to the vase. The simplicity of the flowers and the leaves will accentuate the color and texture of the vase.

The Murano Sommerso glass vase is a favorite of the art connoisseurs of the world. To have one of them in your living room will surely elevate your status in your guests’ eyes. The green and amber Sommerso vase is unique because of its globular shape. A bunch of lavender will look heavenly on your table.

Make your summer entertaining this year with the choicest of décor vases and matching artificial flowers that look more than life-like in their looks and texture.

by Marina Chernyak

Murano Glass Gifts

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