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Pino Signoretto

Pino Signoretto who was born in 1944, in the small Venetian town of Favaro Veneto is one of the stars of modern Murano glass art. He started his glass blowing training very early in his life. In 1954 he entered the glass blowing furnace as an apprentice to a chandelier maker. From then on Pino Signoretto’s great career in glass art went on to great heights, earning him great name and fame.

Signoretto joined great masters like Alfredo Barbini and Livio Seguso very early inhiscareer. From these iconic masters Pino Signoretto acquired immense skill and techniques. For him, the period from 1956 to 1978 was the time of experimentation and gaining expertise under great glass maestros. In 1978 he was confident enough to open his own establishment in Murano.

He is an expert in shaping molten glass when it is still hot. The people who have experienced watching him at work say that it is a pleasure to watch him shaping glass with great dexterity and flair. The specialty of Signoretto glass lies in the fact that it assimilats the art and architecture of a number of world renowned artists like Dal Pezzo, Pomodoro and Vitali. This gives the Signoretto pieces great style and aesthetic value.

Signoretto visited Japan in 1985 after receiving an invitation. Thereafter he took several such trips to Japan. In 1989 when he visited Japan for a second time he got a great opportunity to exhibit his art in front of the Japanese royalty. Now his wonderful work is on permanent display in the museum of Venetian art in Otaru, Japan.

He was associated with artists and sculptors like Dale Chihuly and produced great art pieces for them. He was a great teacher who taught in many glass universities in USA and other parts of the world. He took part in a number of prestigious exhibitions and gained acclamation in all of them.

Currently Pino Signoretto’s magnificent artistic creations adorn many world famous exhibitions all over Europe. His series of sculptors in the exhibition at Castello di Rivoli Museo d'Arte Contemporanea Rivoli – Torino, Italy has earned him great admiration. He has created a series of 12 glass fountains in Hotel American Gei Ken in Japan. In 1996, under his leadership, Pilchuck School of glass (USA) participated in the building of a glass house. Pino Signoretto was teaching in the school at that time.

Pino Signoretto was good at crafting articles with extreme precision. The door handles he exhibited at Pull of Beauty – Store front for Art and Architecture New York - U.S.A. are perfect examples for this. He worked with and for several world renowned artists all over the world. He was the one who made the ‘Bloody garden series’ for Mariagrazia Rosin. The maestro is incredibly exact in the creation of animals. The animal figures he has exhibited at Portia Gallery di Chicago - U.S.A. and the insect figures at Korpus II nel Kremlino di Mosca – Russia are so life-like that they prove the artist’s incredible skill and ability to observe nature. The glass Madonna he created for the inauguration of the ecological Park of San Giuliano – Venice stands as an example of his great expertise.

Pino Signoretto’s sculptures are included in the interior décor of many important industrial and hospitality establishments all over the world. His chandeliers that depict marine life are a favorite among great interior decorators. Though Pino Signoretto has worked on a number of media other than glass, his favorite medium is always glass. He is a good teacher and an artisan without comparison in respect of glass art...

by Marina Chernyak

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