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Fabio Fornasier - LU Murano Chandeliers, Trend and Tradition Hand in Hand

Fabio Fornasier transformed the traditional Murano chandeliers into excellent works of art that emerged from the conventional structures to something ultramodern. He had a passion for experimentation with glass, which resulted in a new generation of chandeliers. Some of his innovative chandeliers use oil from vials for lighting. Later, Fornasier fitted them with low voltage bulbs. In both cases the chandeliers exhibited a unique elegance and class.

Fabio Fornasier was born in Venice on 16th August 1963. He began to take an unusual interest in shaping glass from a very tender age. Watching his father Luigi Fornasier at work filled young Fabio with wonder. His only ambition was to be able to shape glass as expertly as his father. He pursued the art relentlessly and after many a frustrating effort he was able to tame glass according to his will.

Fabio was not satisfied with the traditional chandelier making. His innovative spirit craved for something unique and exquisite. He strived continuously to bring about revolutionary trends in chandelier making. As a result the magnificent LU Murano chandeliers occurred. Fabio experimented with various kinds of shapes and colors. The chandeliers with oil vials that fed the flames were both innovative and traditional. Later he created a variety of chandeliers with variations in shapes and forms of the vials.

After achieving a high level of artistic excellence, Fabio Fornasier experimented with technology. He put in a lot of hard work and succeeded in incorporating sounds with the chandeliers. His works grace the Museum of Glass. The LU Murano chandeliers are noted for its extreme transparency that prevents any other part of the room from being blocked out of sight. This is especially useful in churches, where visibility of the alter from all angles is very desirable.

His latest experiments involved making chandeliers using wine bottles and bottle necks. These are great collectibles. Through this Fabio Fornasier wants to sensitize people on sustainability and at the same time make use of unique materials for his work. His most recent work involves a chandelier which is a combination of traditional Venetian chandelier and LU Murano chandelier.

Fabio Fornasier is known around the world for his innovative ideas and techniques. He teaches his art in many countries. He teaches in various glass design schools in London, France, Denmark, Amsterdam and United States of America. His designs are always a blend of traditional Murano techniques and modern glass works. He conducts most daring experiments with the Venetian techniques to evolve most unexpected and beautiful designs.

He displays his works in all the important exhibitions of the world. He has received innumerable awards and accolades for his efforts. In his own words, he is driven by “stubbornness and desire to emerge”. He is still at taming the challenges he has set for himself and continuously excels himself.

by Marina Chernyak

Murano Glass Gifts

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