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Invitation to Dance - Villa Pamphili

Invitation to Dance - Villa Pamphili is a yearly festival dedicated to dance and dancers. The Magnificent garden around Villa Pamphili is the venue for this unique program every year. This is a picturesque 17th century villa with spectacular landscaped gardens. The landscaped garden of Villa Pamphili is a magnificent example of medieval architecture and aesthetics. The garden provides surprises and pleasure to the visitors with its many statues, fountains and cascades. They are all artistically arranged to allure the strictest critiques of art and architecture.

This is an extremely suitable venue for hosting the dancing festival. The Invitation to Dance - Villa Pamphili is often conducted during the summer months of July and August. The aim of the festival is to promote the art of dancing in general. No dance form is singled out or ignored in this festival. 

The festival stages classical, modern and contemporary forms of dances from all over the country. The evolution of dance forms from the simple and soft forms of early days to the stronger and more expressive forms of the contemporary style can be witnessed in the Invitation to Dance - Villa Pamphili

Both senior professionals and the most recent beginners are allowed to exhibit their expertise of the art on stage. Many experiments integrating various dance forms are showcased here. The classical forms have their own antique grace and beauty, while the recent forms will amaze you with their ability to communicate ideas and emotions with almost acrobatic twists and turns of their body.

Most of the performances depict familiar themes. Some of them depict the life of ancient masters of art and others bring to life the great works of literature in dance forms. Apart from such elite themes, you can enjoy dances which give expression to rhythm and grace through simple but elaborate performances. The groups come from all over Italy to take part in this wonderful festival.

If you have a plan for a summer holiday there is no better place than Rome in summer. The monuments that take you way back in history are a reasonable excuse for choosing Rome as your summer destination. There is no other city in the world which can give you a feeling of exuberance as Rome. The Invitation to Dance - Villa Pamphili is another wonderful reason why you should visit Rome in summer. Even if you are only slightly fascinated by dance, the festival is worth attending. By the time you finish the two-three weeks of dance extravaganza, you will have turned into dance buff for sure.

by Marina Chernyak

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