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Esse 2 Murano Glass Company

This is a family owned business. The main production is Jewelry for women. The beads are hand-made. The expertise of the artists makes these beads excellent specimens. The entire Jewelry making – from the making of beads to crafting jewelry from them – is supervised by the family.

The innovative designs are evolved but the glass work is essentially rooted in the age-old Murano tradition. The designs of Esse2 are original and extremely creative.

The company produces a lot many glass items other than jewelry. They manufacture artistic glass art, stained glass art pieces. Artistic mirrors etc. Creation of glass mosaics is another specialty of the Esse 2 glass works.

Many other glass creations like the complements of furniture, glass sculptures and glass etching also are taken up by the family. They make themselves responsible for all the different aspects of glass manufacture from production to whole sale of the products.

The Esse2 products carry the Vitro Artistico Murano trade mark. This trade mark means the products are made in Italy using the traditional Murano glass techniques. This proves the authenticity of the article.

by Marina Chernyak

Murano Glass Gifts

Murano Glass Amber/Gold Lion

Quick view Murano Glass Amber/Gold Lion $901.00
Height: 8.00" Length: 9.50"
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Marina Chernyak
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