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Venini Murano glass

Venini Murano Glass Company was founded in the beginning of the 20th century by a lawyer from Milan, Paolo Venini and an antique dealer, Giacomo Cappellin from Venice. The company was established in 1921 with Vittorio Zacchin, a painter, as the art director. The company was named Cappellin Venini &C.

But in 1925, a difference of opinion between the founders led to the withdrawal of Cappellin from the association. So Venini re-established the company as Venini & C. in 1925. After a minor set-back in the beginning, Venini was successful in setting up his organization admirably. The design department of the firm was backed up by many design kings like Napoleon Martinuzzi, Tommaso Buzzi and others.

Soon Venini designs conquered the world of artistic designer glass items. The Venini items were easily recognized by their elegant and novel designs and bold and vivid color combinations. Martinuzzi was an expert in producing innovative techniques in glass blowing. The pulegoso glass was one of his inventions that acquired an immediate popularity soon after its introduction in 1928.

Venini is often considered to be the design leader of the 20th century glass industry. The enterprise is constantly at research and evolves innovative and modernized designs. The age-old glass blowing techniques are used to create up to date designs.

You need not worry about misinterpreting the age of the Venini articles. All the Venini items are signed and looking at the signature one can fix the age of the piece. This is a great help as far as the collectors are concerned.

Venini art pieces are a mixture of exquisite craftsmanship that is inherited from the centuries old Murano glass heritage and expertise acquired by its a rtisans during their long working tenure in the furnace. With these invaluable aspects, the latest ideas are incorporated to produce unique glass creations by the Venini Murano Glass Company.

by Marina Chernyak

Murano Glass Gifts

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