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Specialists in Murano Glass and Murano Glass Jewelry

Murano Glass and Murano Glass Jewelry are known and revered around the world for their elegance of design and superb craftsmanship.
The finest raw materials and craftsmanship result in glass of unequaled purity – a trademark of the highly sought after Murano Glass pieces and Murano Glass Jewelry. These beautiful pieces are still made today on a small island just north of Venice using the same methods that has been the Murano Glass trademark for centuries.
A Brief History:
Venetian Glass making originated in Venice in the ninth century. The Venetian Republic, fearing fire, ordered the glassblowers to a small island. By the fourteenth century the 3000 inhabitants of the island became some of the most respected and revered citizens in all of Venice, granted special privileges and favors by the Republic.
Many glassmaking technologies and techniques were originated on Murano and are still in use today. The making of Murano Glass is a complicated and sophisticated process, as each piece is actually an original hand-made work of art.
Some pieces are functional and some are decorative – all are exquisite. Murano Glass pieces are considered the height of elegance, refinement and good taste, making them a true pleasure to own and to give (and receive!) as gifts.
Why Buy Murano from
We are a family owned business, dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction. We personally select each piece we offer you. Importantly, we stock everything you see on our site, which means you receive your pieces quickly. It’s not uncommon to wait weeks, even months to receive some sought after European imports.
1)     Outstanding Selection
You’ll find a huge selection of all the most desirable Murano Glass at our site: Murano Glass Jewelry, Murano Glass Vases, Murano Art Glass, Murano Glass Necklaces, Murano Glass Bowls, Murano Glass Bracelets, , Murano Glass Birds as well as a range of Murano Glass Sculptures.  All of our Murano pieces are 100% authentic Murano Glass.
2)    Careful Handling Ensures Your Satisfaction
We have experience packing delicate glass for shipment and your Murano Glass treasures will arrive in perfect condition. We’ve never had anything broken in shipping. However – IF anything you order from us should arrive damaged, we’ll replace it immediately at no cost. That’s our iron-clad guarantee.
3)    We Understand Collectors
We understand the experience of owning beautiful and original works of art. We are constantly on the lookout for pieces that will thrill collectors. We have the largest selection of Murano Glass you’ll find anywhere.
Authentic Murano Glass at the lowest prices, quick and safe shipping and our family guarantee – you won’t find better quality, selection, price anywhere! Your satisfaction is our satisfaction.

In addition to our Murano Glass collection, we encourage you to browse our collection of other high-end venetian specialties including Venetian Masks, Venetian Mirrors, and Music Boxes.
Considering its brief and short life, it cannot and should not be given too much love, and it must be used and kept in mind as an example of the life of man and of the things of the world which, though beautiful are transitory and frail. 
The Pirotechnia of Vannoccio Biringuccio, Venice 1540"